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How to Prepare for Infusion

What to expect when visiting HDIC Lake Oconee

Morning Appointments

Target Glucose: 150 or higher

  • Eat a healthy, balanced breakfast before you arrive.

  • Take all medications as prescribed, EXCEPT take only 1/2 your normal dose of insulin.

  • Hold all oral diabetic medications and insulin the day of treatment.


Afternoon Appointments

  • Eat a healthy, balanced meal before you arrive.

  • The night before, take all medications as prescribed.

  • Take 1/2 your insulin dose on the morning of your treatment.

  • Take all other medications as prescribed.


Insulin Pump Users

Turn pump off two hours before treatment.

  • Do NOT eat breakfast if you have a morning treatment.

  • Turn pump back on immediately after treat is complete


BEFORE you come


what to eat


Prior to a PIR infusion, it is advised to eat higher-protein meals/snacks. If a high amount of carbohydrates is consumed prior to treatment, blood glucose levels will affect the infusion. Consuming foods/snacks higher in protein will not cause extreme spikes in blood glucose levels.

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