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We know you have questions...

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We work with most insurance plans and, of course, Medicare. However, if we are not in-network on your plan, our insurance experts will assist you in determining coverage for your services. When we get your insurance information, we can review your policy and better answer the question.  No insurance? Ask about cash plans and financing.

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 the first step

Come in for a consultation so we determine medical necessity and if you qualify.

Print and fill out your pre-patient packet below.

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Typical consultations take 30 to 60 minutes. This appointment may require blood work.
A specially trained and qualified provider will review your medical records and physical
condition and answer any questions you may have.

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Everyone is different, so we rely on your individual and personalized care plan. At your consultation, our medical staff will determine your care plan and course of treatment. Care plans range from one three-hour weekly infusions to one two-hour infusion every six weeks.

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dr referral

We will not replace your doctor. We do not require a referral or approval from your
doctor, but prefer to work with your doctor to co-manage your individualized care plan,
which may include treatment, testing, supplementation, and education to achieve a
better patient outcome.
Historically, insulin has been used as a drug, but this modality uses insulin as a
hormone. Doctor information packets are available upon request, and we are happy to
consult with your doctor if needed.

Still have questions? 

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